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DRSA Online Backup offers a simple, Secure, rapid deployment solution that is customizable and cost effective to implement a Backup strategy throughout your organisation.
DRSA Online Backup is an Automated, Hosted Backup solution typically suited for small to medium sized enterprises.
It provides secure backup capabilities, without complex installation or maintenance experience required.
Encrypted, password protected hosted in multiple secure Data Centres ensure recoverability and integrity of your Data.
Software can be deployed remotely without technical assistance.
We offer a free 30 Day trial with no obligation.

The Challenges

The value of an organisations data is only quantified in the event of this data not being readily accessible. Unfortunately very few organisations have a coherent Data Backup Strategy or implement it correctly.
Back- up solutions typically are implemented in silos’ within departments or areas of responsibility.
Backups often become “out of sight, out of mind” and are seldom restored or tested. Backup strategies are also complex to implement and maintain and do not have the flexibility to rapidly realign with business requirements. Some high end backup technologies are costly and require a high level of Technical expertise to maintain and monitor.

Know Where Your Data Is
Peace of Mind

Our DRSA Online Backup solution is housed in multiple world class Data Centres locally. These Data Centres conform to Tier III level construction and operation. No date is moved or stored internationally. This provides comfort in the knowledge that no international laws can prevent your access or grant access to your data. Data protection risks due to changes in political landscapes are totally mitigated. Backed up data is hosted on a robust clustered architecture for redundancy. The entire cluster is then replicated to another Data Centre making sure there are multiple copies of your data for resilience.
Check on your backups at any time. With the client software you can access your data or logs at any time to verify integrity of your data.

You Hold the Key

You are provided with an encryption key and password, only you can access your data in any usable form. You can change your passwords at any time.
Data is encrypted locally on your architecture and stored in the same state. 256-bit length encryption is implemented, with Private encryption keys defined by the end user. AES, Two Fish and Triple DES algorithms are available to enhance the process. We cannot access your data in any useable form.

You’re Always Protected

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – Near real-time backups
Our software is installed with a CDP system. This means that the software will constantly monitor selected computers and files. If any of those files are modified, the software will back up the new versions to our off-site backup servers – within minutes of the changes being made. This means that there will ALWAYS be a completely up-to-date backup of your files.
Incremental backups with in-file delta technology – Only back up new or modified files
There’s little point in backing up a file which hasn’t been changed since the last backup. This just results in wasted time and bandwidth resources. The incremental backup features means that our software will monitor all of the computer systems and only backup files which have been modified or new files which have been created. Older files will remain on our backup servers at all times.

You’re in Control

You determine what data to backup, the frequency of your backups, the scheduled time of the backup, how many copies of the data you want to retain. These setting can be altered at any time. Backups can be scheduled to suit low activity periods within your organisation to make optimum use of the network resources.

Get your Data Back

Restore data from any point in time backup, remotely without technical assistance. Our client Software. You can restore any single file, folder or data set from your workstation and any time. Should you lose your entire file server, you can restore to an alternative device. Remember you have the Key.


This software is designed to run on all modern computers with the most popular operating systems – including Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, Netware 5.1+ and more.
Our software is also designed to be highly customisable and easily integrates with various databases and other systems – such as Microsoft Exchange Server, MS SQL Server , Lotus Domino/Notes, Oracle, MySQL and more.
Integration with these systems also allows us to make use such features as in-file delta technology and Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy.

DRSA Online Backup Lite

The solution is for Laptops and users with limited IT knowledge. Very easy installation and little customisation required.

DRSA Online Backup Pro

This solution is for Backup of servers and more complex data sets. All the DRSA Online Backup solutions can be installed by the users.

It’s so easy

Our client software can be installed via our WEB interface. No technical assistance required.
No capital expenditure. Pricing is consumption based per GB, there are no complicated pricing structures, licence fees and penalties.
There is no long term commitment.

Try Before You Buy

Test out DRSA Online Backup solutions for Free for a month.