Mobile Technology Centres

Global ASP Mobile Technology Centre’s (MTCs) have been specifically designed to meet the broad based needs of a multitude of industries and our customers ranging from mining to market activation companies. The MTCs specific functionality allows you to augment both your administrative and operational success with a range of state of the art vehicles providing you with the latest technology in connectivity and mobility.

The Mobile Technology Centre’s are designed for your specific requirements providing:

  • V Sat connectivity to take advantage of the speed provided by the latest communication technologies.
  • A range of MTC vehicle configurations that maximize staff comfort and effectiveness with ergonomic workstations.
  • State of the art technology and office working environment with climate control to process customers and documentation.
  • MTC mobility that provides a wide range of deployment possibilities.
    Tailor made rental solutions to address your business deployment requirements.
  • The MTC are very successfully deployed in the following environments


The Mobile Technology Centre’s unlocks a wide range of deployment opportunities to our customers from media centres, registration centre, training and education.

Disaster Recovery

The service allows us to provide Disaster Recovery Services to clients in remote areas and to respond quickly when disaster strikes to enable management teams to function and co-ordinate disaster events from a mobile control centre.

Mobile Processing

Usage of the Mobile Processing Centre’s is flexible at the discretion of the retirement fund, thus negating downtime. In addition, dedicated staff are not required, enabling the fund to utilize staff ordinarily employed at head office to man the mobile units while they are in the field.