Who are we?

Global ASP was established in 1998 and has successfully positioned itself as an industry leader in the provision of hosted member administration and asset management solution platforms as well as providing technology, consulting, disaster recovery and business continuity services.

Global ASP has a PROVEN track record of delivery to multiple and diverse players both domestically and internationally. Currently Global ASP provides administration platforms to some of the largest and most complex investment funds in South Africa with clients ranging from retirement funds, financial product administrators and large corporates to parastatals.

As an Application Service Provider (“ASP”) Global ASP hosts its platforms on its own servers within its own secure facilities and provides customers remote access to these platforms via dedicated private links.

Operating from its world class data centre, complete with a fully equipped Disaster Recovery facility, Global ASP’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals ensure a comprehensive understanding and assessment of every client’s requirements. This detailed understanding of the environments it supports, a disciplined approach to tight project management and a best practice approach to application integration coupled with a culture of uncompromising integrity and service excellence has ensured Global ASP’s continuing success.



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