Asset Management Solutions

Global ASP provides best of breed asset management platforms for retirement fund administrators, asset managers, multi managers, custodians and collective investment management companies. At the heart of the asset management framework is a sophisticated unitisation engine. The unitisation engine is augmented by compliance monitoring and performance returns calculation capabilities.

The robust unitisation platform ensures the timely and consistent valuation of all types of products for the retail and retirement fund industries. Other features of the unitisation engine include:

  • Flexible data manager to enable the interface of data from multiple sources in multiple formats whether it is from external asset managers or market data sources;
  • Full user defined reconciliations between the registry system, general ledger and the unitisation platform;
  • Unit price reasonability checks in absolute terms, against a benchmark or other defined measures;
  • Unit price dashboard with monitors of unit price processing statuses to ensure timeous and efficient calculation of unit prices. Exceptions are highlighted with quick drill downs to potential issues;
  • Unit price calculation workflow processes; and
  • Fund analytics with charting including standard deviation, Sharpe Ratio, beta, Jensen Alpha, R-Squared, etc.

With more stringent regulatory frameworks and stricter mandates from trustees of retirement funds or collective investments, investment managers require more sophisticated monitoring tools to ensure that their funds are in line with regulations and investment mandates. Global ASP enables asset managers to manage the risk of potential compliance breaches through its sophisticated investment compliance monitors that alerts asset managers of breaches on a post trade basis. This further enables daily Regulation 28 monitoring together with monitoring of underlying managers.

Global ASP provides best of breed investment performance measurement and attribution platforms. With a greater shift towards risk management of the funds, asset managements are under increasing pressure to measure accurately the funds’ returns and understanding the risks associated. Global ASP enables asset managers to compute the funds’ returns together with comprehensive analytical and risk measures. In addition, asset managers can assess the funds’ risk using ‘what-ifs’ scenarios.