Connectivity (Bandwidth Provisioning)

Global ASP, through its subsidiary Disaster Recovery South Africa (“DRSA”), provides end-to-end connectivity with complete redundancy.

Depending on the needs of the customer this can be delivered via fibre, microwave and satellite.

Our full range of services include:

International Internet Access

Most businesses today rely heavily on the global Internet in order to connect, communicate and collaborate but it can be a very crowded place with at least 1.5 billion Internet users in the world.
It can therefore be difficult to get the Internet performance you need, when you need it, resulting in unacceptable variations in availability, quality and user experience. DRSA’s Internet services offer you a flexible and scalable solution – providing dedicated, robust and highly secure access to a single network, backed up by 24/7 monitoring and support

Local Internet Access

Dedicated and reliable internet access is becoming increasingly critical for today’s business community, which depends heavily on fast, efficient internal and external communications.

DRSA’s Dedicated Internet Access (Local) service provides a high speed and resilient internet access solution for businesses in South Africa. Uncontended internet access is supplied via fixed, dedicated circuits including Diginet, Fibre or Microwave, guaranteeing you secure and reserved bandwidth at all times. Plus, if you operate from multiple sites, you will benefit from significant time and cost savings by sourcing your internet coverage from a single supplier.

International Private Lines

DRSA’s International Private Line service makes connectivity between two sites simple, ensuring the highest standards of security and reliability for your voice, video and data communications.

Whether you need to protect commercially sensitive information or want the assurance of guaranteed bandwidth and a dedicated connection at all times, the DRSA Private Line service provides permanent point-to-point links between two key business locations – reserved exclusively for your use. It is therefore ideal for Financial, Information Technology and Professional Services companies.

Global IP VPN Access

DRSA’s IP VPN service provides a truly global – yet simple – solution to your communications needs enabling you to connect more locations, more easily and more cost-effectively than ever before.
Through DRSA’s IP-based virtual private network, you are assured fast, reliable and highly secure communications between dispersed colleagues, regardless of where they are located in the world.

Broadband Access

Keep your communications simple.

Connect remote workers and small offices to your corporate network and the internet using DRSA’s reliable broadband service.

DRSA’s broadband services are designed specifically for business customers. Rigorous service level targets reflect the high levels of reliability and availability on offer. Setting the service up is easy. It’s delivered over an existing phone line and a range of preconfigured routers are available to make things simple for your business. DRSA provides customer service and technical support to ensure you can speak to us anytime that you need to.

Diginet Access

Diginet is Telkom’s dedicated, synchronous data transfer service. It provides round-the-clock, secure, high quality, point-to-point services over a digital transmission network. Diginet has a large infrastructure (1000+ points of presence) throughout the country. It is aimed at clients who use their data network for applications needing constant bandwidth. Diginet services can convey digital speech and video signals on a point-to-point basis, allowing users to develop highly efficient integrated voice/data networks, offering new opportunities in the growing broadband multimedia market.

Microwave Access

Multiple package options are available from 512kbps up to 155Mbps utilizing licensed spectrum. This last mile alternative offers dedicated services within the Metro areas in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

Features Include:

• No fixed lines required
• Quick, professional installation
• Fixed pricing irrespective of distance within metro regions
• End to end network management
• Guaranteed speeds
• Unlimited data usage
• Dedicated service
• Licensed microwave technology