Corporate Social Responsibility

Global ASP has a strong commitment to being a socially responsible and contributing corporate citizen. Global ASP subscribes to a culture of absolute integrity by conducting its business in a way that is respectful of its employees, clients and the wider community.

Global ASP believes in its responsibility to uplift the community. This has historically taken the form of donations to various worthy causes but is principally reflected in our material and on-going partnership with the non-profit organisation “Living Way”. This organisation supports the Masiphumele area located in the deep south of Cape Town, South Africa.

Global ASP will continue to make every effort to genuinely touch the lives of people in need through our social investment initiatives.

Living Way – Bringing Hope, Breaking Despair


Global ASP has provided essential support and strategic direction for the non-profit organisation Living Way. Living Way aims to empower people from the under resourced communities it serves with relevant economic and job skills. This is achieved by equipping people with the tools to live productive lives, empowering and training business owners to be sustainable and increasing employment through access to training in skills like agriculture, business skills and computing.

Apart from the material financial contribution that Global ASP has committed to, it also goes a step further and actively provides strategic support in the day to day operations of Living Way. Living Way has now evolved from an exciting concept into a now expanding organisation that proudly serves the under-resourced. Hundreds of people every year are trained by Living Way.

Living Way’s Economic Empowerment Program

Worker Readiness Program: This is a SETA accredited, 10-11 full-day training workshop aimed at preparing people for the workplace. Skills taught include work ethics; organizational culture; and general working skills and values. This course has equipped many individuals from underprivileged communities with the basic skills they need to secure and keep a job and move forward in their careers.

Job Centre: The Job Centre provides information and counseling services to people searching for work. Job seekers receive training and input to assist with improving their employability. This is conducted in real-time, where relevant and current job vacancies are applied for.

Entrepreneurial development: Living Way has adopted three primary ED programs namely a Business Basics course, Business Support workshops and an “Agri- Academy” for agricultural entrepreneurs. The Agri- Academy is run from Living Way’s own agricultural ground on which hydroponics / food tunnel farming is carried out and training is provided to students from poor communities.