Data Centre

The data centre is state-of-the-art, providing high end hosting and co-location services and  has been designed specifically to support complex data and web hosting environments to meet customer business requirements.

Guaranteed power

The Data Centre receive power directly from the National Grid and benefit from a series of backup measures – including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and backup generators – to ensure continuity of service in the event of external problems.

Resilient connectivity

The Data Centre is redundantly interconnected via our network backbone, ensuring diversity and resilience are always maintained. The network is subject to strict monitoring by trained engineers to ensure any problems are immediately acted on and resolved.

Complete protection

Advanced climate control systems supporting the humidity and cooling of each suite are in place within all technical areas of our hosting centres. In addition, the facilities are protected internally by VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus – and fire suppression systems.

Rigorous security

Rigorous security is deployed at the hosting centre. The site is monitored by CCTV and manned by professional security staff 24/7/365. Access to the site is strictly controlled via pre-validation of all visitors and proximity access swipe cards are required for access to all technical areas.

Network Infrastructure

With our broad range of last mile technologies from ADSL to wireless links to fibre connections, we’re able to deliver to your requirements. Speed and reliability are guaranteed across our network, making sure that your data is accessible when you need it and as fast as you want it.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Global ASP’s  Managed Dedicated Server service is a comprehensive and practical solution for businesses that lack either the resources or expertise to manage servers in-house.

While we take care of your servers, you are free to focus on developing your business in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands.

Your own dedicated servers are managed and hosted at DRSA’s purpose-built, state-of-the-art S.A data centres. System management, monitoring and maintenance tasks are carried out round-the-clock by highly skilled technicians who resolve any failure or performance issues with minimal service disruption.

Although the Managed Dedicated Server solution is completely managed by DRSA, you still retain absolute control. Full and secure administrative access to your systems is provided, allowing you to deliver core business applications with complete peace of mind.

Customers of DRSA’s Managed Dedicated Server are guaranteed high standards of reliability and maximum service availability. High fault tolerance and uninterrupted power supply are backed up by stringent Service Level Agreements operating at both device and solution level.

By choosing to take advantage of the DRSA Managed Dedicated Server service, you will not only free up your IT staff but also benefit from improved cash flow. Fixed, monthly payments enable you to spread the cost, removing the need for upfront capital expenditure on new equipment or software.

Virtual Server Hosting

Our Virtual Server solution provides a cost-effective, flexible and rapidly scalable solution for mid-sized web and application server requirements.

Instead of investing heavily upfront in new devices and software to meet possible future demand, the Virtual Server model allows you to ‘rent’ the server capacity you actually need now – meaning that you only pay for what you use.

Built on an ‘in the cloud’ infrastructure of processors, memory and storage, the Virtual solution enables IT managers to deploy managed services without significant capital expenditure.

CPU and RAM resources are dedicated to each Virtual Server, so that resources are not contended. Capacity can then be increased gradually in increments as and when needed, in response to business growth.

Built on industry-leading virtualisation technologies, the fully backed up Virtual Server environment offers exceptional fault tolerance and a high solution-level availability guarantee of up to 99.9%.